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    Ok, it's been kinda inactive around here lately.

    Anyway, I think I'll be the first to answer one of Snowdrop's topics.

    Your best and worst experiences with Birds in battle, both metagame and competitive?

    Best experience: My Braviary in White 2. I've been wanting a Braviary ever since I first heard about Gen 5, so I was really happy when I finally got one in White 2. And I must say, it is one powerhouse of a bird. It helped me take out the E4 and the Champ with ease, and it's also helped me out in the Battle Subway and PWT tournaments. It's a true terror now that it knows Thrash :D

    Worst experience: Getting continuously knocked out by Staraptor in the Battle Castle in Platnium/HeartGold.
    I always do well in the Battle Castle, until I get up to challenging Darach and his Staraptor. For a starter bird, it's got good speed and attack. Plus I think it's also holding a King's Rock, so most of the time my Pokemon end up flinching because of it's attacks. It almost nearly knocks out my Pokemon with Return. Argh...
    In the end I managed to finally knock it out by using Zapdos on my team :D
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