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Originally Posted by F1refly View Post
Since i have no idea where to post this, can anyone Help me with Transferring Pokemon from my Emerald Save game to my Pokemon White using DESMUME? I haven't defeated Burke yet, is there any special place I need to go to or what?
It isn't actually possible to trade with DESMUME, since Nintendo uses a separate connection signal
(NWIFI or something). You can patch ROMs to trade as seen in some hacks. Because Emerald is an older version, I don't think that would work anyway, because normally on a handheld both cartridges would be in at once. The only way is to use cheat codes to get the Pokemon you want, rare candies, and TMs if needed.

I use gpSPhone on my iPad and iPod, because I don't like the size of computers. Sometimes I will use DESMUME because the newer gens are not compatible.
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