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    -Leveled Scout to level 7
    -Bet N with a lot of ease
    -I gained a new pokemon, Lenny the Lillipup...
    -And he's outta here, lost Lenny to a critical hit from a stupid level 7 patrat.
    -Made it to Striaton city, where i bet Cheren
    -Went to the Dreamyard, where i obtained Pedro the Pansear
    -Grinded him up to level 14
    -Obliterated Cilan with Pedro
    -Did the Dreamyard team Genesis event
    -Bet Cheren again, nearly losing Dylan
    -Caught Penny the Pidove
    -Leveled everyone up to level 16
    -Went into the Wellspring cave and caught Sue the Woobat
    -Bet the Plasma Grunts, Leveling Dylan to 17 and evolving him
    -Did some Audino grinding on the lower half of route 3
    -Made it to Nacrene City
    -Went into the Outer Pinwheel forest, Capturing Sean the Sawk
    (I'm treating the outer and inner areas of Pinwheel forest as separate places)
    -After training Sean, I went into the Nacrene gym, Beating Lenora and losing Pedro.
    -Went into the inner Pinwheel forest, catching Sally the Sewaddle
    -Sally and Penny evolved into Swadloon and Tranquill respectively
    -Bet all the grunts in there, recovering the Dragon Skull
    -Gave the Skull back to Lenora, then saved.


    Dylan the Dewott
    Level: 22, Ability: Torrent
    Item: Mystic Water
    Moves: Razor Shell
    Fury Cutter
    Tail Whip
    Rock Smash

    Sean the Sawk
    Level: 21, Ability: Inner Focus
    Item: None
    Moves: Leer
    Low Sweep
    Work Up
    Double Kick

    Penny the Tranquill
    Level: 21, Ability: Super Luck
    Item: None
    Moves: Air Cutter
    Quick Attack
    Work Up

    Sally the Swadloon
    Level: 21, Ability: Chlorophyll
    Item: None
    Moves: Tackle
    String Shot
    Razor Leaf
    Bug Bite

    Sue the Woobat
    Level: 21, Ability: Unaware
    Item: None
    Moves: Confusion
    Air Cutter


    Lenny the Lillipup, Level 4-6
    Scout the Patrat, Level 4-12
    Pedro the Pansear, Level 10-19