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    Originally Posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
    I can certainly see how that prevents you from writing.

    That sort of defeats the point of writing, doesn't it? If you don't have a plot, which is essentially the story, then how do you write? Plot is arguably the most important part of any story, without it there is no story.

    For me it's bouts of writer's block, which I'm dealing with right now. Well, it's not so much writer's block, and more of I don't have the physical time to write.
    Writer's Block is very annoying I can agree. Anyways with the plot, all I do is just slowly work on it and try to make future events of each story I do, unless if they turn out good.

    Originally Posted by Iqid Loopz View Post
    For me it depends. I'm alright writing dialogue easily. It just everything else of the writing aspect of things. Like writing out things on what the characters are doing, whats happening around them etc; the idea is there most of the times, but it's the motivation and inspiration and energy to do that is sometimes needs to be found. Plot, still kinda early cause im thinking of a really really deep story, and if I run into writers block, it's either I work on sub plots and make "stalling chapters" to give me time to think. Making unique characters is well some what easy, it's just writing it out is difficult for some reason, action and thoughts wise. And my imagination is limited lots of the times.
    Yeah, writing characters is one hard thing to do, since that we all try to make them seem realistic and impact readers. Also that when I try to convey imagery, I have to do a lot of detail to make it seem interesting.
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