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With your pokemon I'd take away mr. krabs, shukle, and drowzee. And heres the dedired move set for your remaining pokemom:
Sunny day
Flamethrower/fire blast
Focus blast

Sadly he can't learn thunder punch but this set uses solar beam and focus blast to counter his weaknes. Fire blast I think gets 100% accuracy in the sun but outside if the sun flame thrower is better. This also uses all special moves so his bold nature won't bother him ^-^

Dr. Rage
Dragon dance
Earth quake
Water fall
Stone edge
I would suggest breeding and getting an adamant (+attack, minus special attack) or a -special attack, +speed.

Victreebell ability:chlorophile
Solar beam/energy ball
Sludge bomb
Weather ball

Outside of sun conditions he's useless. On the opposite of a bulbasour he has paperlike defences (/_\) But with chlorophile his speed will double in the sunlight so a super fast solar beam will surprise any water type c[: especially because his special attack will make him a possible sweeper. And reflect is for support.

Ok I would suggest to get a dragonite. If dragonite gets a dragon dance or 2 infront of lance then you're set and if not he will make you restart the match countless times, and face hom agaon begor beating this champion.
Dragon claw
Dragon dance
earth quake, stone edge, out rage, fire punch, thunder punch, thunder wave roost- pick 2 of your choice

He is very strong and versetile!!a crobat, and alakazam would would work great on your team.
that would be a powerful onslot and many unprepared teams will be devasted by a STAB boosted, weather boosted fireblast. Then victreebell covering water, rock and ground for typhosion. Gyarados helping out victreebell then its a good standard trio.
Adding in a crobat alakazam and dragon will hit the harder-to-hit pokemon
But if you like togepi I consider this an option
Thunder wave

Its the same as rotom but togekiss ability will make it even better and increase paralasis chance atract chance and chance of flinch in airslash. Energyball is a replacement for attract
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