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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    lol Lorem ipsum. lol Deoxys normal form doesn't have balanced stats like the meteorite description.
    I watched a YouTube video of someone playing BW and using the meteorite in the museum on their Deoxys, and copied the messages. Balanced or not, it's what the official games say.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Put more "basic things" near the Lappet, specially trainers (that are too far away0, and put less advance things like textbox movements, downloads for internet and the karate-man minigame. Some beginners get lost with too many events, this is a little intimidating.

    To beginners only copy and paste the Deoxys/Mew, put the island switch on the boat event. Put one to return if isn't captured and the player beat the E4 (like the games starting in Platinum).
    There's a teleport straight to the main areas. I also wanted to avoid clutter by having too much in the same place.

    Fair enough. I can see how the current events would be more complicated for newbies.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    A little problem: You trainertypes change mess with some Battle Tower trainers. Example: Kindlers became Engineer and say fire speech and use fire pokémon.

    There's a Rotom form change event?
    Cosmetic, and I don't care about the Battle Frontier anyway. If anyone wants to update them (particularly as they only go up to Gen 3), they're welcome to.

    Nope. There's a Deoxys form change event(s), though, which is the same. I'm not going to duplicate an example needlessly.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Shiny and Shadow pokémon really needs a better animations.

    I didn't like the relic stone sprite. Try to use the pokémon default statue.

    About the apricorn tree, at least put in a different color to not be confused with headbutt trees.
    There's a thread about making better battle animations (which has of course died, because apparently no one wants to actually do any work themselves).

    'S not really a stone if it's a statue. Anyway, it's up to you what graphics you want to use.

    I've already recoloured it a yellow/green.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    How about making a true Elite Four? I saw some beginner with problems of making the five trainer rebattle after the player win all/single lose.

    How about a swimmer trainer, a sloped cycle road, ribbon example, a coin exchange house and a Key Item seller (maybe the Lerucean Seller)?.

    Don't be lazy and make another map for ice cave basement XD
    Good point. I didn't think there was a use for an auto-resetting trainer, but the Elite Four are just such things.

    Okay, stupid, okay, okay (I thought they were more complicated than what they actually are), okay.

    Well, okay. It'd be a pointless little map, but fine.
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