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Kilik Chambers - Academy Office

Did the R-Spy just admit that Kiyoko was telling the truth? That, actually, was unexpected. I don't know why he would just come clean, but it makes things a little more easy. I don't like easy. It doesn't give you much of a challenge. Tell me, would you always want it easy on you? Heck no! Anyway, I couldn't understand exactly what the R-Spy was saying. His logic wasn't making sense to me. My thoughts were he was saying that he didn't know about this Team Rocket, but I'm pretty sure he was lieing about it.

If I could just find some proof he was of Team Rocket, a symbol of the team maybe, I could apprehend this wrong-doer. I need to get stronger, my Pokemon need to evolve. Mistress is strong, strategy will need to be my top priority.

Cynthia had let us be now to enjoy the rest of our day of Thanksgiving. I didn't think to hard about that. Also, turns out that other woman was Valorie's mother. No surprise there. Cynthia motioned the R-Spy further into the office. What were they gonna talk about? I was suspicious about the R-Spy. I just don't trust him! I got close enough, hidden from their view, eavesdropping on Cynthia & the R-Spy, staying as quiet as possible. Not like Mistress's snickering will get me caught.

Speaking of Mistress, she got bored quickly & shifted her form that of Cynthia. She walked over to Mark & slipped her fingers slightly through his hair, attempting to make him uncomfortable or something. "Tough trainer, are you?" she asked in a quiet, attractive way near Mark's ear. "Always there for your friends, I can imagine." I just scoffed in my head at Mistress's joke & continued eavesdropping on the real Cynthia & R-Spy.

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