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Well, it might be my birthday, but I'll still present you a gift in the form of this review!

had surprised her with his genuine passion—for it was the very kind that Bertha had once had, before she lost it all
Reminds you of someone from my story, now doesn't it?

It’s the future everyone’s waiting for, and sooner or later, we’ll have to do what the government tells us—modernize or die.”
This pretty much sums up my opinion of the more recent Pokemon games... so many changes and additions have been made that I can't keep up with all the new stuff and it all seems like a strange new place to me now...

gave him the unsettling feeling that Lona had something up her sleeve.
Can't give away all of your trade secrets, now

My, my, so many petitions floating around. Though clearly the lobby of the gym was not the best venue to discuss the anti-Lona one... LOL at that bit of poor planning...

“Come to think of it, I think I get now why Lona’s so crabby. It can’t be fun to take all that smack from people every day.”
This probably applies to my mom as well - she has to work all day with kindergarten and first grade kids, and I know they push her patience to the limit more often than not.

The whole debate after the confiscation of the petitions raises a good question, though... how much is too much? Clearly it would be unethical to let an unprepared trainer pass, as leaders down the road would cream them and - more importantly - they wouldn't LEARN anything from the experience. But nor should they be expected to stick around for, say, 53 years... the big question is, how long do you keep a trainer at the gym if they simply aren't making any progress or are refusing to put in the effort? I would imagine it would be reasonable to keep trainers there for a month, maybe 5-6 weeks unless they're good enough to make it past judging before that. I'd imagine at some point they'd just tell trainers to just go home.

But man, some kids sure are impatient... which I admit to being a bit impatient myself regarding wanting to move on to a new location in the story. Fortunately, that might be happening next chapter... unless Michael's signing of Rick's petition from last chapter comes back to bite him. Time will tell (but hopefully not too much time xD)

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