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    Endomorpheus Exoletaar

    Endomorpheus Exoletaar

    Endo hurriedly stumbled forward; he didn’t want to be left alone in this god-forsaken place. Although it was hard to run in a straight line and with blurred vision, the young Hylian seemed to manage pretty well. It was eerily quiet in his head, no bickering, cursing or shouting from Exo could be heard. That was strange…

    “Exo…” Endo whispered quietly, “Exo, are you in there?”

    Surprisingly, he got no answer. It seemed like Exo must’ve grown too powerless and had maybe gone into some sort of hibernation-state? To be honest, Endo wasn’t quite sure whether or not he liked this development. If anything, Exo seemed more frightening if he didn’t make any sound at all. Like a venomous snake, slithering quietly through the grass in an attempt to kill its prey slowly with a well-placed bite seeping with poison. Endo started to get more and more nervous the further he developed the thought; he was in fact so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the big wooden door. Well, at least not until it was shattered by the Wolfos as if it was just a toothpick.

    The crashing sound emitted when the wolf broke through sent a small surge of nausea through Endo’s head. He tripped, but quickly regained his balance before a sour taste started spreading in his mouth. Did he just throw up a little? That was very much possible, but at this point he didn’t care too much.

    The party hurried over the fields as the Wolfos started to speak. Probably, the conversation was directed towards the person on the wolf’s back, but Endo could still hear it fine. It was loud and seeping with such power that it made the young Hylian nauseous again. He yet again threw up in his mouth, but still carried on. However, it seemed that something strange was going underway. It felt much like something was moving around inside Endo’s head, almost as if it was reacting to the wolf’s voice. Luckily, it died down before Endo could take much note of it.

    The Wolfos led them to some sort of tavern, or something along those lines. The canine beast itself disappeared to somewhere, probably to another entrance to the house. But why did it do that? It had clearly seen how Endo and his travel-companions had been trapped and drained of their power, hadn’t it? Why would they be regarded as suspicious? Or maybe… the wolf felt that thing resonating from Endo when it spoke and deemed his as a possible threat? If that was the case, then what was it going to do to him? Was he to be eliminated? Well, at this point there wasn’t much of a choice for Endo, now was there? So he decided to just go inside of the house.

    Inside, it felt a bit relaxing and soothing to finally be away from that horrible prison-area. Endo also thought that he heard a faint melody plating somewhere; it was a melody which felt safe and a bit jolly. The Hylain closed his eyes and just collapsed on the floor, heavily breathing. That run had taken more out of his than he wanted to admit. However, everyone didn’t seem to be at as much of peace as him. Somebody spoke up angrily; it was a girl who seemingly wanted to just what the hell was going on there. Her shouting caused Endo to feel a bit nauseous again, he gripped his head lightly and tried to hold back the vomit that he could feel was building up in his stomach. The next thing that happened wasn’t much better, the giant, hulking, thing also boomed out that he wanted to know stuff. Or at least Endo assumed that that was what he wanted; the dude spoke a bit weirdly.

    Again, a wave washed over the Hylian, but this time it wasn’t one of nausea, it was one of rage. Endo could feel it, the rage of the Stalfos living deep within his mind. He felt something sting in his eye and assumed that it was turning bright-red due to an oncoming tantrum from Exo. The young Hylian quickly held his hand over the right side of his face to hide the color-change.

    “Everybody just SHUT UP!” He howled angrily, gripping the right side of his face harder as it the anger started turning into pain.
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