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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    put less advance things like textbox movements, downloads for internet and the karate-man minigame
    I wrote wrong. Instead of "put less" I meant "put away for Lappet". Anyway, I think that is good to have at least one basic trainer in some location near Lappet, otherside some newbies may copy wrong trainer events to normal trainer battles, like the GYM ones, even with Youngster Ben on trainer area. Maybe a Trainer event without comments.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    'S not really a stone if it's a statue. Anyway, it's up to you what graphics you want to use
    The original resembles more a statue. Both ways are ok.

    I didn't like the way that you made the choice selection in the boat event. The selection is fine for this example, but imagine if the boat has two more tickets?

    How about some wild enconters in Tiall Region? To check the pokedex area in multiples regions.