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Adventure Of Falcon
Chapter 1
“The Farewell”

“Here we are son, Snowpoint City” Falcon’s father said “are you ready?”

“Sure I am” Falcon replied.
Falcon and his father had travelled from Twinleaf to Snowpoint City to get aboard the supposed S.S Libra II that professor Rowan had told them. Though, Falcon’s father wasn’t going. He was there to see his son off to his adventure in this demolished world.

“So do you remember what the Professor told you?” Falcon’s father asked curiously.

“Now that you mention it, what did the Professor told me??” Falcon inquired.


“Why, hello there lads, where are you heading?” Professor Rowan asked Falcon and his father as he passed by them in a quite small van.

“If it isn’t the renowned Professor Rowan” Falcon’s father said “We’re heading to Twinleaf. Apparently that’s where everyone is going.”

“Then I shall say you’re lucky. I’m heading there as well. Hop in!” The Professor replied. Falcon hopped in after his father and they rode off to Twinleaf. The road wasn’t stable as it was before the unexpected phenomenon and the ride was quite bumpy.

“So Professor, do you know anything about this kind of terror rising here in Sinnoh. It has never happened before” Falcon’s father asked.

“Frankly say, I know nothing of what’s happening” Professor Rowan replied “It’s the most strangest thing I’ve ever seen, though reports have shown indicating that Groudon and Kayogre have been awaken. I have no idea what so ever to how this could be. Though, I’m trying to gather up some youngsters to help me in my research.”

“Take me” Falcon suddenly entered the conversation “I can be of great help, tell him dad”

“Well he is quite grown now and I guess he could…” Falcon’s father explained but was hastily interrupted

“Why yes, he could be of great use. What was your name again..?” Professor Rowan asked with anticipation

“Falcon” Falcon replied with a proud chest “Falcon Gormaiden”

“Arrh! Perfect” Professor Rowan said “A kid with attitude, I like it.”

As they arrived in Twinleaf, Professor Rowan rushed out his van and zoomed in his lab. Falcon and his father got out the van and inhaled the beautiful scent of calm and prosperity.

From the looks of it, it seemed as if Twinleaf had not been affected by the devastation and the tremendous storm that was prolonged in the north of Sinnoh. The town was perfectly calm and cool. The houses were in place and the flowers bloomed diligently in the (unexpected) soft wind that blew in.
“Um, do you have a minute Falcon?” A voice interrupted Falcon as he was viewing the town bit by bit. It was Professor Rowan and in his hand were exactly 12 Pokeballs and a blue Pokedex. ”Take these Pokeballs and this device. It will help you to travel this land to try and unravel the secrets of this strange happening.”

“Thanks” Falcon gently replied as he took the Pokeballs and the blue Pokedex. But Professor Rowan had kept two Pokeballs in his hand and he introduced it to Falcon. He handed one out and said

“This Pokeball holds a Turtwig inside and he’ll be your companion all through this journey”. He then introduces the other Pokeball to Falcon and said

“This one holds a Staraptor inside and it will help you reach Snowpoint City in a couple of minutes to go on this boat” and Professor Rowan handed out a ticket with a small printing of a boat on it. The ticket also says “S.S Libra II”. “You will board the boat which will take you Castella City. There, you shall wait for my arrival” Professor Rowan explained “I have some business to attend before I depart to Castella so you go first and wait for me there”.

“Sure Professor” Falcon nodded and took the ticket and the two Pokeball. He then turned to his father. “Dad…”

“Don’t worry son, I’ll accompany you till Snowpoint City and then I’ll see you off.” Falcon’s father replied with a small smile. “So shall we..?”

“Ya” Falcon grinned and threw the Pokeball in the air. The Pokeball opened and a small Turtwig beamed out.

“Oops! Wrong Pokeball” Falcon chuckled “Come back Turtwig” and with another flash the Turtwig was back in his Pokeball. Falcon threw the other one and out came a beam of tremendous power which was shoved off by a strong black winged bird.

“See you later lad” Professor Rowan waved

“Same here” Falcon retorted.

Falcon was lost in his flashback imagination but was soon pulled out by his father’s voice which called

“The boats here…well I think it is if my vision’s correct” Falcon’s father said as he tilted to see if it was really the boat or if his vision was tricking with him.

“Yes dad, it is” Falcon corrected him and approached the harbor “See ya dad!”

“Have fun son” and a tear from Falcon’s father’s face dripped down. “And be careful”

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