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    Haru grimaced. He knew that Kayla would be worried at first. In all honesty, Haru had been a little worried when he saw the group marching towards the forest. "They'll be fine. Torch, Twitch, and Void are with them and for all we know, Geronimo could be guarding them as well. As much as I don't like him being alone out there, I trust him. I don't know why. He seems to be very strong." He trusted Geronimo, but he had no clue why. "And that's cool, Holly. I tried gardening once as well.....I prefer not to talk about it though." Thoughts of vicious Sunkerns and Sunfloras filled his mind.

    "Tally ho!" Void lead the line through the forest warily. The Munchlax had heard about the incident last night and he decided that a repeat wasn't an option. Torch and Twitch took turns guarding the left and right while Void continuously stayed at the front. No matter who was guarding where, they were ever vigilant. Little did they know, they had a secret guardian.

    Geronimo was not too far off. He was chowing down on a piece of bark that he had sliced off of a nearby tree. The Scyther was aware of the other pokemon, but he intended to see how strong they were before he would assist them in battle. Let the weaklings fight. I shall see then, but only then.
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