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Originally Posted by MasterLucario13 View Post
I just beat Roxie on challenge mood. That match is impossible without breaking level 20. I still barely squeezed by with a win.
Servine lvl 22 (dragon rage saved my ass)
Magby lvl 22
Houndour lvl 22
Krabby lvl 21
Hitmonlee lvl 21
Staravia lvl 21
good for you, i don't want to sound like i bested you, but i did beat roxie on challenge mode too, but my team was:
Servine lvl 22
Lucario lvl 21
Kirlia lvl 20
Luxio lvl 20
and the only one capable of taking on roxie pokemon was fainted in the middle of the battle (kirlia), even she did used toxic spikes i still won : D
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