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    Originally Posted by Alaka-Z View Post
    Surely one of the more experienced hackers can answer my question?

    Scroll up 4 My question.
    Just so you know, your question was deleted by DrFuji.

    Originally Posted by Alaka-Z View Post
    Hey. Im interested in hacking FireRed , but it's not possible to put your ROM hack back onto the real firered cart is it? I 'd have to buy some flashcart. Also, I'm slightly concerned about legality issues.
    I would like to hack to just slightly tweak stuff. Ive watched lots of advance map tutorials-The videos make it seem pretty simple, but idk. My big question:
    On AdvanceMap, can you use the coded ruby and sapphire trainer sprites and music?
    Because I wanted to put Maxie and Archie in the game...Also, how could I make them and the gym leaders trigger rematches without VS Seeker? I was thinking like every time you beat the elite four but surely there's something easier?
    My main point is: I would like to play on my GBA, not a PC.
    Unless if you were talking about this one. No, you can't load your ROM onto a real Fire Red cartridge, so yes, you'd have to buy a flashcart. It's only illegal if you don't own the game. Yes, you can have Maxie and Archie in your games, all you would have to do is insert new scripts for them and the sprites are already in the game. The last question I cannot answer, for IDK anything about the VS Seeker or it's functions.