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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Okay, stupid, okay, okay (I thought they were more complicated than what they actually are), okay.

    Well, okay. It'd be a pointless little map, but fine.
    First things first: I don't consider an example of a sloped cycling road stupid. Partly because I tried it once a long time ago and couldn't get it working properly at the time. I probably could if I tried it now, but either way, I think that's something a lot of beginners would want to know. Plus, you've already got the FR/LG cycling road in there as is, inaccessible house included.

    Inaccessible house, once again. My suggestion would instinctively be to put something there (and a way to get there). As for what, I'm not too sure. Maybe an example item maniac or something?

    Also, in reply to what FL said, honestly, I disagree with FL in that I think it's a bit unnecessary to add a second floor to the ice cave, Though, I did just have a thought. How do boulders work being pushed over ice tiles? If there's any importance to that, maybe that's what you can add to the second floor should you choose too.