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    [Forest Clearing]

    Gabriel quickly dodged another attack from Skarmory as he dove behind the nearest boulder once more. He could feel Tristen’s eyes on his back as he continued to dodge Skarmory’s movements rather than retaliating. The croagunk’s sense of pride had been crushed throughout this small skirmish, as it seemed that there was no hope of him beating the steel bird--Skarmory seemed to have every advantage. His steel coat, his aerial attacks, his superior speed.

    Skarmory used Air Cutter on the boulder Gabriel was hiding behind, slicing it to expose the purple frog huddled behind it. Diving in, he planned on grabbing him for Sky Drop.

    Despite his despair, he reacted on instinct and used this opportunity to land a frontal Astonish attack, landing the move straight on Skarmory’s nose, just as he was reaching out with his talons to grab him.

    Caught by surprise, the steel bird nearly crashed into the next upcoming boulder, and he stumbled in the air as he tried to regain his balance.

    Tristen watched from the sidelines, becoming even more critical of her pokemon’s battling styles. “They’re getting sloppy...” She muttered to herself. Louder, she called out to both of her pokemon, “There’s more to battling than straight forward movements, you guys! You’re getting lazy--think outside of the box so we can get this over with!”

    Gabriel spit into the ground in frustration; there’s no way he could win because all of his moves were ineffective against Skarmory. Even his most powerful move, Earthquake, was useless against the flying-type pokemon.

    Skarmory shook the confusion from his head as he tried to clear his mind. It’s true that this battle was getting nowhere, although he was quite sure that he was tiring out Gabriel. However, his method of exhausting him was also tedious to himself. It was true that they were getting lazy--and this was no time to take training lightly. Tristen had taught both of her pokemon that you should always train like you’re battling, and battle like you’re training.

    Tristen scanned her red-eyes across the field and watched as her pokemon stood in limbo, doing nothing but glaring at each other, hoping that the other would simply give up first. She sighed in disappointment. “We’ve still got a long way to go, don’t we?”
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