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Hey, you know I'm gonna join this. Just gotta think of some characters... alright got it. Best keep the lights on as you read this XD just kidding this is gonna suck. I'll call it...

My Home
Just keep walking. You'll make it there eventually. Don't stop. Just keep going. On and on, through the snow, climbing higher and higher. Just a little more. Just a little higher.

I couldn't even feel the cold bite away at my skin, at my eyes, anymore. I barely even noticed the deafening silence as I trudged on through the thick snow. I've been here before. Once before. I can't say I enjoyed it last time, but here I was again. To finish what I started. To clean up my dark red mess. To clear the snow on Mt. Silver.

I didn't really remember the last time I was here too well. I just knew I've been here, up on this peak, and that something terrible happened here. Something horrifying. Something I still dream about, only to wake up screaming. Something...

With each step the snow grew darker, redder. Like something died here. Did something die here? Did he die here? Did his pokemon die here? Did we all die here? Yes, I'm sure of it: someone --or something-- died here. A long time ago. Too long ago. It was too late.

I didn't even react when I saw the bodies. A Meganium, a Pidgeot, and what once was a young boy in a gold hat. Dead. All dead. Did I do this? Yes, I must have. This is what my nightmares were like, this is why I scream in the darkness. This is why I destroyed that blasted pokemon... the pokemon that drove me to this... I can't even say its name. I won't say it. I hate it. I'm glad it's gone. To destroy my fears, that malicious and insane grin, coupled with that decaying yellow body. It killed me inside. It made me into a ghost. The ghost on Mt. Silver.

I walked up to the rock I used to sit on. It, too, was covered in blood; this time, it was my blood. Dried up and blackened, it was as if it had always been there. I sat down, like I used to, my hat pulled down over my eyes so I couldn't see the world I destroyed. The world I killed -- no, that it killed. It did this, not me. It possessed me... Yes, that was it. It made me do it. It took over my dear Pikachu, made me destroy everything I saw around me.

It was GHOST.

It banished me to this place. It forced me to come here, twice now. GHOST. I knew it still existed. It had to. It wouldn't be destroyed so easily. Having already sucked out the lives of hundreds of pokemon and people, it would be strong. Stronger than I am, at least. And it was still out there. It was probably after me.

And it knew where to find me.

I sat there on Mt. Silver for what seemed like days, months, years. A lifetime spent sitting on Mt. Silver, with all the bodies and the blood and the snow. Always the snow. Once, there was no snow on Mt. Silver. Once, this mountain was green, and pokemon could live happily here. Even Moltres used to come here on occasion, spreading its warmth to all living thigs here. But then GHOST came. It came to me. And I killed with it. I killed so many people, so many pokemon. And it had used me, made me stronger. It even disguised itself once, possessing my beloved Pikachu and turning it into a demon with dead eyes and a grin so wide and unnatural, so purely evil, even I was afraid, even I was destroyed. And when the boy came, with his pokemon to the summit of Mt. Silver, when he found me sitting on this rock with hat pulled over my eyes so I couldn't see the havoc and sadness I caused, GHOST killed him.

So now I sit here on Mt. Silver, the last place I can call home, hoping that someday, GHOST will find me, so that this endless nightmare will end.

Muhaha well there ya go. Sorry it's so short.