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    is the vs seeker available?
    No. The new dex means I'd have to manually readjust everyone's team to the new level curve, and to be fair it isn't really an important item- you can level just fine killing wilds and as you go the need to match the AI's level decreases due to EV gains and better options.

    is there anything left besides e4 rematch
    No, that's the end of the hack. I'd imagine by that point most people would be sick of me, and since I can't easily predict what level you're at there (some people will go way past it, others will just strategize or spam items) there's not much point to making more content.

    I had some glitches with the 1.9 beta. Some of the small sprites of my Pokemon are actually back to the regular Pokemon of the Kanto Dex, such as my Gligar being a Meowth. And when I try to click on them, the game freezes.
    I'm not sure what'd be causing this. It sounds like you might be just applying the hard patch, which doesn't have any content on its own- it just disables items and removes EV gains. It's also possible you didn't apply the patch at all. I'm pretty sure that the patch actually works considering how long it's been out with nobody having this issue.

    Also, it's not a beta, I just update things as the need arises. :V

    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

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