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    Originally Posted by PokeHunter212 View Post
    Hi 67 page long thread and all who inhabit it. So this is a dumb question but it's safe to assume that if one has not received events to get Jirachi or Deoxys that they're not going to anytime in the future yes?
    Yeah, the distribution for Event Pokemon has ended for generation III, as of now. The only way to get any of the Event Pokemon is to use a cheating device like Action Replay, sorry.

    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    I assume you're playing FireRed/LeafGreen if I can recall?

    There's Trainers on several routes you may have battled earlier that might have gotten stronger since you last battled them.

    Try and use the Vs. Seeker and you can battle them for experience (and money too!). Hope my advice was helpful.
    Yeah, should have mentioned that I was using Fire Red/Leaf Green, sorry.
    And that was helpful thanks.
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