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Hey, I'm trying to grind out levels for my first run at the Elite 4, where would you recommend. I'm grinding on wild pokemon in Victory Road now, but its slow workings. I also can't seem to use the Vs. Seeker there, whats up with that?
The VS. Seeker, for whatever reason, doesn't work in caves. I don't think it works in forests either, but not sure. Definitely know it doesn't work in caves like Victory Road though. Sorry. :(

Hi 67 page long thread and all who inhabit it. So this is a dumb question but it's safe to assume that if one has not received events to get Jirachi or Deoxys that they're not going to anytime in the future yes?
The only gen III event you can still get is the Bonus Disc Jirachi. It's at level 5 with a Salac Berry, and the event is for Ruby and Sapphire. However, getting one of these bonus discs would be the main concern. I'm not sure of their rarity. You could try checking eBay if you really want, but it's really not worth it. But in a sense, this event is "ongoing" as long as you have the disc, because you can use it as many times as you want.

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