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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
...although tbh it makes me kinda sad that we have to wait for someone with fancy qualifications to experience a religious phenomenon before we give it a second thought. Had someone else had this experience we'd have simply brushed it off. It's annoying. "You require a PhD to have any sort of opinion on a religious matter which will be taken seriously" basically. |:
I think it may be because people rely on scientific evidence more than religious belief? I mean, if someone were to have a near-death experience and manage to get a glimpse of heaven - or hell - then you really can't tell that person it didn't happen; that's their belief and they'll most likely stick with it. However, if that person will to tell someone else, if they were to be a non-religious person, they most likely won't believe them because there's no evidence to back it up, I guess.

This probably made no sense, which is why I never contribute to discussions in this forum all too often (except for DCC). :P


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