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    This pretty much sums up my opinion of the more recent Pokemon games... so many changes and additions have been made that I can't keep up with all the new stuff and it all seems like a strange new place to me now...
    You connected it with the games! That made me happy.
    (I have nothing against the new games and I actually might be getting one soon, but this is still an important point.)

    Michael didn't exactly 'sign' Rick's petition. What Rick had planned by sending out the flyers was to notify all his fellow trainers of Lona's unfairness and call them to action. He didn't circulate a single document to collect everyone's signatures, because he understood that that would be too risky. Instead, by means of the flyers, he told the kids to basically bombard the League Office with letters expressing their desire to fire Lona. As of now, nobody has written anything, because as you've seen, the flyers have all been taken away. But that doesn't mean that Rick is through with his business... and it doesn't mean that Michael is guaranteed not to be associated with him.

    The debate is certainly an important one, and everything that Lona and others have said about the League and pokemon training up to this point won't die when she leaves the spotlight. You should be able to notice a certain development pertaining to that as we move along.

    And yes, I understand that the Solaceon chapters have been quite many in number... but it's a 100% guarantee that Chapter 30 will be the last Solaceon chapter for Michael and Company. That's where everything will be revealed, including all the secrets to life, the world, and humanity. (notreallyahaha) But we'll be moving on to the next city.

    T'will happen soon... t'will all happen very soon. >:]

    Thanks for reviewing!
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