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    Shawn was still watching the exchange between Skarmory and Croagunk and shakes his head sadly, not sure what to make of all this. It seemed like Croagunk was having a tough time with the battle. His mind was thinking as though he was the trainer: how could Croagunk win? Sooner or later, it would tire out from the Astonish attacks.

    "Physical attacks are out due to the hard shell," he muttered, "Ground attacks are attacks and electric attacks are its weaknesses, but Croagunk can't learn them naturally..." What could it do?

    Suddenly, an idea struck him. "Revenge! Fighting attacks do ok on steel, and it would be doubly powerful if Croagunk gets hit first. Question is, though, how much more can it take from Skarmory? And does it know the attack?"

    Shawn was torn. He wanted to help, but he didn't want to interrupt their battle. After all, the pokemon have to learn for themselves.

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