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    Wow, this place is still going. Awesome.

    Hi guys don't think I've posted since 2009, but I'm Yami. I used to be Co-owner of the Shiny Hunters club and an avid shiny collector.

    When I had my DS and Diamond version stolen, which had all of my pokémon on it I pretty much gave up on gaming but I've been sucked back in with the release of Black and White 2.

    Unfortunately I don't have any of my old shinys :-\ but best part was hunting for them so I'm back in the game!

    Hopefully some of the older members are still here; Metal Mario, ryan, LDD. Either way it's good to be back and it's great to see the club is still so active! I hope you'll all welcome me back with open arms, even though I'm shiny-less now.

    EDIT: Just had a look at the front page, its so cool to see my name highlighted with the other guys I knew, seems the torch has been passed on though! I'm liking the yearly/monthly quests. It's a nice idea gutted we never thought of it when we were active, although we didn't have access to the first page haha.
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