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    This is a Pokemon Roleplay that takes place in the Senta Region. All pokemon from the first generation through the firth generation are available to be caught. The Pokemon Professor of the region is Professor Willow and she will be giving each of you your starters.

    Basic Plot:

    If you are a trainer then you are going to meet up with Professor Willow and choose your starter pokemon before starting on your pokemon journey. You learn that on your way to meet with her that Team Senity has begun to take the souls of pokemon and are bending the pokemon to their will. Each of you decide to go after them and destory them, but you soon learn that Team Senity also already controls this region and the gyms are now their bases. You must work together to defeat Team Senity and save Zorua, Zoruak and Celebi from their plans to go back in time and change the past for good.



    1. No Godmodding, Power playing, etc
    2. I will give you a list of moves that your starter knows, then please go by the list on bulbapedia for when pokemon learn moves.
    3. There will be six open slots for people to play, I will be playing Professor Willow and most of the Team Senity, unless someone wants to one of the leaders.
    4. Once a starter is taken I will take it off of the list.
    5. Post one paragraph per week.

    Character Form:

    PM this to me
    Age: (No younger than 12, no older that 20)

    Accepted Characters:

    Name: Ishimaru Taiki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Ishimaru has short dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes and a light tan. He usually wears a T-Shirt and jeans.
    Personality: Ishimaru has always been a friendly person and has never been one quick to anger, instead laughing when people try making him angry to show how cheerful he is. Yet he will not be "loyal" to anyone since he hates having many enemies. He has been known for doing brave, but very stupid things, one example of this is when he decided it would be okay to go save a cat in a tree....that was nearly 90 ft high, and ended up falling on the first branch.
    Bio: When Ishimaru was young his dad had left him alone and scared, since his mom had died years before, he had to go to a foster home. His nice personality sent him to only a few foster homes since he could be tolerated. But one time while he was in a foster home a fire had started while he was helping his foster mom cook. She had died in the fiery blaze leaving Ishimaru to run away from the house and not look back, The images burned into his head he couldn't stand to be with another family that he might lose again, so he ran away, fending for himself in the streets, but not really being able to make many friends since he couldn't afford a house. A few days later Ishimaru had been looking for cans to recycle for money and came across Professor Willows Lab. He decided he might as well begin a journey since he had nothing else to lose, and decided to choose the Eevee that he had felt a strange bond with after meeting eyes with the pokemon.....

    Starter: Eevee




    Henit Town
    This is the starting town where all six trainers live and so does Professor Willow, her lab is at the top right of the town.

    Route 5
    This is the route that leads out of Henit Town and to Denky Town, where the first base is.

    Denky Town
    First base/gym which is Water and the leader is Aerial.

    I have not named the rest of the towns yet, but I have each base/gym and the leader's names. If someone wants to play a gym leader or multiple ones that's fine with me, but you will need to get a picture of what they will look like. I'm looking for pictures right now.
    Water Gym/Base: Aerial
    Dark Gym/Base: Luna
    Rock Gym/Base: Terra
    Fire Gym/Base: Cyna
    Poison Gym/Base: Medusa
    Flying Gym/Base: Aero
    Fighting Gym/Base: Keni
    Dragon Gym/Base: Odlet

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