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    Alright, I know it's weird that I'm entering my own contest, but as it's a voting thing it's okay, right?

    Anyway, here's my (oddly short) pasta-

    ~In Pursuit of Happiness~

    I had the urge to walk in the woods one day. It was just an ordinary day, blue-skied and fresh-aired, the Pidoves chirping quietly in the bushes. In all, a lovely day for a walk.

    I'm not sure what prompted me to do it, but I just got up, opened the door, and left Accumula Town's city limits. I silently walked through the woods and along the path, into a clearing.

    I had no intention of doing it, but I think that even if I hadn't particularly wanted to take a walk that day, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. There was a particular sense in me, a sense that something wonderful would happen if I walked into the woods, and that thing, however vague, was the only thing I wanted.

    I stood at the corner of the path, looking into the trees. I didn't have the slightest idea why, but I knew that if I waited long enough, that something wonderful would happen. The Pidoves continued chirping in the bushes, the clouds high above blew by, and night fell and rose again, uncounted times, and yet I stood, stiff, staring out across the path, my eyes focused on a tree and my mind focused solely on one thing- the truly remarkable thing that my intuition told me was yet to come.

    I do not know how much time passed since when I first walked into the forest, but the only thing that mattered was one day when I was overcome with a strange premonition.

    Someone is coming.

    It was someone important, I could sense it, someone who would help me in my pursuit of happiness. I stood at attention, staring intently ahead.

    Someone walked by.

    It was a boy, about sixteen years old, with brown hair, wearing a blue hat and jacket, his hand clutching a large blue bag. As soon as I saw him, I was immediatly sure that everything was in perfect balance. I had never seen this child before, but I could instantly tell of his importance. Joy filled my mind as I stepped forward.

    I said something. I'm not sure what it was, but it must have been an expression of my pure satisfaction at the boy's presence. He, I was sure, was what would fill my empty longing for fulfillment. I reached into my pocket, pulled out two round objects I didn't recall ever putting there, and threw one out.

    The boy reached for his belt, and threw his own round ball out. From mine emerged a little mouse, chittering happily. I was almost comatose, not fully aware of my own motions, wishing only that these moments would continue on eternally. I was in a state so seemingly perfect, I could not tell if I had died and gone to some sort of heaven.

    I was only faintly aware of the huge otter-like creature commanded by the boy. I was floating on a cloud, feeling only peace. Words, commands formed in the back of my mind, and I said them aloud, the chittering mouse following them. The battle passed quickly; the wonderful boy was much, much stronger than me. Without really feeling the motion, I handed him some money, saying something else I can't recall. I then watched him walk away, feeling only joy as he left my line of sight.

    I had no other ideas but to stay in my spot, focusing on the tree across the path. What would I do, anyway?

    My true purpose in life had been served.

    ~just a note, the narrator is NOT on drugs. I know some troll will still say that.