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    The question hit Ethan like a stone thrown from the next region over and he could feel a hole burning through the pocket where he kept his empty badge-case and trainer's license. Beginning to blush with embarrassment, he quickly realized that if he were to avoid ridicule, he'd have to make a quick save. Trying his hardest to keep his indignant demeanor, he quickly began to stutter a reply.

    "Err...Uhh.....Yeah! I managed to get....Err....Three!"

    Becoming more confident with his bluff, Ethan's stuttering began to decrease and a more confident tone began to fill his voice.

    "Yeah, that's right.....I managed to win three badges. Me and my buddy here hit a rough spot, though, and decided to apply for the academy...".

    Then, as the conversation continued, he very discreetly dropped his hands into his pocket and grabbed a key-ring with various key-chains on it and slipped it into his badge case, hoping he wasn't seen. Then, pulling the badge-case out into the open, he shook it, a loud metal klinking emitting from the container as his keychain jingled about.


    Quilava quickly caught himself on guard as a red light began to erupt from one of the other trainer's pokemon. Seeing the silohuette of a bird forming from the light, he began to growl rather loudly, ignoring his food entirely as he prepared for the loud-mouthed puffball from before to return to the scene.

    Disappointingly, however, a bird of another type came from the ball and he allowed his growls to fade off, returning to his meal. He allowed his caution to subside as he enjoyed his meal until suddenly the beak-faced freak decided it to be a smart idea to talk to him. Damn did he hate birds....

    Starting to growl once again, he listened through the pokemon's proposition for an alliance and decided very quickly to wave it off. Why would he want to befriend a bird? Shooting a few curses the Pidgey's way, he then allowed a small puff of heated smoke to escape his mouth, blowing it into the direction of the creature.
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