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    And finally, SkyVille is complete and playable.

    Catman, when you see this, you can now do your part of the job- chipping in for the formalities.

    P.S. Redirect the admin you find to this post, please. xD

    Picture of SkyVille in Default Texture Pack:

    Plot Pricing:

    A standard, 8x8x136UP plot is only $135. A larger, 16x8x136UP plot is a slightly larger $500.


    (Grass borders not included in House/Plot protections)

    Free Plots: (16,8)x8x136UP Region Protection (Cobblestone slabs can be removed.)

    Houses: To their respective owners. (x136UP, too.)

    Embassy, Town Hall: Donnaclus, ben_cowely

    Tradeboard: You can post trade signs on the board publicly, but the protection of the whole place: Donnaclus, ben_cowely

    Real Estate Centre: Donnaclus

    Farm: No protection.

    City itself: Donnaclus, ben_cowely

    Revenue information:

    Well, admins, I want to clarify one thing, SHAREHOLDERS ARE HAVING THE REVENUE; THIS PLACE TOOK AGES TO BUILD. D:<

    40% of the revenue from plots goes to killercrusher232 (I'mCatman), 50% goes to Donnaclus (Me) and 10% goes to ben_cowely (Ben.)

    Revenue recieved but not yet distributed between us 3 is posted as "Current Revenue" at the Real Estate Centre. Revenue is distributed by me when the shareholder is online.

    #professionalism #:P


    *Nathan/Sotomura, there is one jungle tree in one of the plots. Can you take them down? Thanks. :)