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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Forest Clearing]

    A sudden strong gust blew past Tristen, sending her into a fit of shivers. Her teeth chattered loudly, and she stood up in protest. She ran over to where her pokemon were training and raised her hand in a signal to stop.

    “Okay, I’ve hh-h-had enough.” She swallowed, trying to calm her tremors. “Let’s g-go back to the d-d-dorms so I can get a sweater.”

    She had been patiently dealing with the chilly weather here on the island, but her patience had been wearing thin for the past few minutes. The white-haired girl rubbed her hands against her thin frame, trying to warm herself with friction.

    Immediately, her pokemon stopped their fake battle and came over to her side. Skarmory looked concerned, while Gabriel had a crabby look on his face. Tristen picked up her bag and began walking out of the clearing, not bothering to check if her pokemon were following her or not. She spoke to the space in front of her. “Gabe, don’t get so discouraged like that. You just have to learn to think creatively and be a little more spontaneous.”

    Her red eyes turned to glance at the purple frog. “Don’t be mad that I surprised you like that. You know I did it because I thought it would help, right?” She turned back around.

    The croagunk was pouting, riding on Skarmory’s back to keep up with Tristen. Her pace was really quick, despite her twig-like legs; she wanted to get some warm clothing and some food. She hadn’t eaten all day except for a bite or two of an apple in the early morning.

    She got a little dizzy from her quick movements, but she couldn’t care less. Her summer-season clothing for Hoenn was definitely not well suited for the chilly autumn weather on the island.

    Brushing her white hair away from her face, she folded her arms tightly against her body as she prepared herself for the crowds of people that would no doubt be circling the school building.
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