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Hey guys and gals! I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately. But that's college life for ya. :/
Welcome to the One Piece fan club, Crusher's Creed.
You forgot something, but I'm going to let you slip by since the club is still in need of members.

Manga 686
Quite a lot of action in this chapter.
Not to the level of the Whitebeard War, but still.
Even the cover story has been actiony.

That poor little Mocha, but she's also such a brave girl.

A decent amount of fan service shots too.

It doesn't surprise me much that Monet has a monster form.
Her character model is the temptress woman who secretly has a dark side.
Pretty much a combination of harpy and Yuki-onna mythology.

Lol, Chopper's horn gag again; how nostalgic. :p

Of course, Sanji's other greatest weakness, a harpy/Yuki-onna mix. xD
I hope Sanji will be able to get back up again. xD

Oh neat, are we going to get to see a Zoro/Tashigi tag-team? :D

Originally Posted by Icebloom
Chapter 686

I love Monet's character btw. Still don't think she's actually a harpy though. Many people seem to think her wings/legs were given to her by Law (at her request)
She wasn't born a Harpy, as it has been shown by several flashbacks.
I'm fairly sure that she was given her avian appendages by Law, considering how he made all those odd centaurs.