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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
So I was exploring Castelia Sewers in White 2 with Hugh. Yes, Hugh, the rival whose Dewott, in my tests, (in case I found a shiny) could not be OHKO'd by any of my weak team, but could almost OHKO any wild pokemon with Razor Shell. And whose Dewott was faster than my entire team. That Hugh.

After just defeating a construction worker with a Drilbur, I rntered a wild battle. On the right was a rattatta, and on the left was a zubat. A SHINY ZUBAT. I started freaking out, as I knew, I just KNEW Hugh would kill it. I had to try and kill his Dewott first!

First turn: I had my Venipede use poison yail on Dewott. Dewott used Focus energy.
Second Turn. I used poison tail on Dewott again, to no avail. Dewott used Razor Shell.



Rattatta fainted! "Phew"

I then threw a pokeball at a completely healthy zubat. "Stupid!" I thought, "Why didn't I use a repeat ball!?!?"



Female, Level 16, Bashful nature.

YAYAYAYYAYAYAY! I was so scared I was going to lose this! I've always wanted a shiny zubat! :DDDDD
Ahh, congrats dude! That was seriously tense reading that, the spoilers almost made me have a heart attack! Good job on catching it, Zubat is a really cool shiny to have :D Good thing he attacked the Rattata first though xD

As for me, I've been doing some shiny hunting too recently! On Black I've been spending a lot of time trecking around Pinwheel Forest whilst watching anime in hopes that I'll run across a shiny Sewaddle soon. No luck yet, but I'm only at around 1,200 encounters so a fair few to go yet I reckon. Hopefully I'll get as lucky as Golurk soon and manage to find one out of the blue xD
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