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    Odd problem here. So I caught a Ditto on Pokemon Black a week or so ago, and used it to breed with my Serperior to make a Snivy. Everything worked, and then I did it again, so I could have 2 snivy's. I put the 2 Snivy's in my PC box. Saved etc afterwards. Left my ditto in Daycare and put my Serpierior back in my team. Saved afterwards at that. Then I didn't play my game at all during those few days, then yesterday, me and my friend battled on Pokemon black next to each other. His DS battery died during the battle so I just turned my game off without saving. Now, today, I go on and I can't find Ditto, Snivy or the other Snivy. Not in the daycare or the PC box. What's going on and do I have to get another ditto again ... what just happened?