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    N Harmonia Gropius

    N listened to both Jackson and Lincoln and nodded his head. "Yes I can understand that. I happened to have been friends with quite a number of pokemon who went through the same situation he's been through."

    As he said that, he looked back over to Zoroark. Zoroark just kept his arms crossed and gave a small grunt sound as he looked away.

    Don't put me on the spot like that, you're embarrassing me, he said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. But he still had his smirk on his face.

    N handed the berry to Lincoln then. "Well, it seems so far you've already had a good job with communicating with him down. But would you like to try a harder trick at communication?"

    Normally when teachers asked that question, it wasn't a real question. But the way N said it was like whatever this trick is wouldn't be too difficult.

    Takumi Ryuuhiko

    Belly Drum. That is a risky move. Cutting down half of one's stamina to maximize the user's attack. Looking down at the one real Deino and the 4 other illusions caused by Double Team, he gave his next order.

    Use Dragon Breath.

    As Deino prepared to attack, so did his illusions. All 5 "Deinos" fired the dark red-pink flames at the Marowak, with only 1 of the 5 attacks being the real attack. Takumi knew this move had a minor chance of causing Paralysis, about 30% to be exact, but if this attack worked, he'd at least have a better chance of slowing down this stronger pokemon.

    Follow up with Dark Pulse.

    Deino and his illusions unleashed a negative thought imbuned Dark Aura shockwave out towards Marowak. There was a small chance of flinching normally caused by this attack, and Takumi thought so long as he could keep Marowak from attacking or being able to hit Deino, he would have this battle won. It won't be easy or a short battle, concerning their level difference, but it's one he at least believes he has a small chance of winning.
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