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-Started game, picked Female, named Jen
-Choose starter at random by looking at last number of trainer ID, Ended up with Totodile, Nicknamed Wine.
-Got potions
-Got Elm's number
-First visit to Cherrygrove
-Visit Mr. Pokemon and got Pokedex from Oak
-Rival Battle #1
-Get back to New Bark Town and name rival Silver.
-Get pokeballs
-Failed to catch Hoothoot on Route 29
-2nd visit to Cherrygrove
-Caught Spinarak on Route 30 nickname is Spaghetti
-Caught Poliwag on Route 31 nickname is Teriyaki
-Arrive at Violet City
-Caught Gastly in Sprout Tower nickname is Meatball
-Beat Falkner
-Caught Rattata on Route 32 nickname is Wasabi
-Failed catching Rattata in Union Cave
-Caught Rattata on Route 33 nickname is Mustard (Gets put in PC)
-Arrive at Azalea Town
-Beat Team Rocket at Slowpoke Well
-Catch Zubat at Slowpoke Well nickname is Pepper.
-Beat Bugsy

Current Team:
Pepper the Zubat Level 10
Wasabi the Rattata Level 10
Spaghetti the Spinarak Level 11
Wine the Totodile Level 13
Teriyaki the Poliwag Level 13
Meatball the Gastly Level 15

In PC:
Mustard the Rattata Level 5
Togepi egg

Deaths: 0
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