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    Originally Posted by Avishka View Post

    welcome to the club, Seraphimon-sama!!!
    i hope u have fun here!!

    i would like to volunteer

    some pics :

    Ok Avishka, if you wanna be Co-owner, then sure! And those are some great pics. I'll add those to the Goodies section!

    Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post
    Username: Umbr30n.
    Nickname: Umbr30n (My Username and Nickname is the same).
    Favorite Pokemon: Ho-Oh!
    Favorite Move: Aeroblast!
    Partner Pokemon and Pokemon's name: Ho-Oh (Sky)
    Answer to the topic (you only have to answer one): (Which Generation had the best Flying-Types?) Generation II because it introduced the literal MEGAS. Lugia and Ho-Oh, both very strong Flying-Types, both have great Move-Pools! Lugia, capable of learning it's exclusive move Aeroblast, makes it a very strong Pokemon any Pokemon can fear, Legendary or not! Ho-Oh, it sweeps and stalls all opponent Pokemon with an amazing Attack, using any all-out attack that would be hard to survive.
    Would you like to be notified when new features, games, and competitions are added to the club? No thanks.
    And a warm welcome to the club Umbr30n. I shall add you to the members list in a sec! Ho-Oh is a great choice for a partner BTW. And I agree that Gen 2 had some really amazing Flying-types. Plus it's the only generation where Flying-types were the main Legendaries.
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