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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance nodded at TrueStriker's words. It was plain truth he felt in those words. While the battle was still a bit blurry in his mind he could tell by TrueStriker's body language and choice of words that he was only speaking the truth. "Yes, we were rather ill prepared for it. Like I said, it isn't a difficult exercise. All it requires is discipline and energy." The others continued to converse around them, but Penance really didn't care for their idle chatter. It was the chatter of liars after all, no telling what lies they were telling themselves or to others. He just hoped the newcomers weren't as bad as the others and actually had a sense of morals. The road was rather long but what made the journey even better was hearing Gallant speaking. Penance knew the Sawk could be rather fearsome, but also protective and friendly as well. He had seen more of the Sawk than the others had, he knew that much. Gallant had made him energized for becoming a Gold Tribe member and what he said was true, without his teachings they probably all would have died way earlier in the war.

Penance took the time to look back at TrueStriker. The Gallade could be a rather capable warrior if he just put his mind to it. Oddly enough, TrueStriker's words from before seemed to garner Penance's thoughts. He had willingly come forward with information about his own faults, maybe... maybe it was time for the others to know? Penance struggled with that questions up until they got to the Catacombs. There didn't seem to be any Ancients around the area and in fact no Sentinels either. That meant that the Silver Tribe was busy with other areas... or that something big was already waiting for them in there. Perhaps a trap or some powerful foe waiting for a specific door to open and to unleash hell upon his or her first target.

"TrueStriker, I want you to practice this exercise while we explore. Picture a white room, with nothing in it. No color, no furniture, no people, nothing. Just a white room. It can be big or small, but it must be empty. It will take some time to perfect the image since your mind will naturally want to populate it with various images, but fight that instinct. It took me close to two months to get the exercise down, but as you get better with it you'll find yourself occupying the room with less and less images until it is completely empty and you will not only be able to focus on a empty room, but also on doing other tasks while you keep your defenses up."

Penance walked in right behind TrueStriker and for the first time since the battle even spoke to the liars. "Everyone, keep your eyes sharp. Look out for traps, wires on the ground, holes in the wall, slabs sticking up from the ground, doors that once opened could alert a foe to our presence. Just because we don't see anyone now doesn't mean that our enemies haven't already infiltrated the area."