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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I know that ticket prices for the Canucks are pretty ridiculous, even against the lesser teams of the league. My dad and I were looking to go to a game last year, and the cheapest pair of tickets we could find was $145 for the pair, and they were at the back of the nosebleeds. And the game was against the Columbus Blue Jackets, who were by far the worst team in the league last year. I'm sure it was like this in Toronto and Montreal, too, as they were all in the top 5 for most expensive tickets on average. But I'm sure fans would be willing to shell out their money if a team came back to Quebec (just like they have in Winnipeg), which is why it always baffles me that the NHL tries to get teams like Phoenix to succeed, even though they can't fill the arena when 50% of tickets are given out for free.
Yeah. The GP Storm tickets start at $50, and front rows go for a few hundred iirc.
In other Canadian news, there was a 7.7 Magnitude earthquake off the coast of BC last night, near the Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands (resulted in only minor structural damage and no injuries). I personally found out about it through Twitter, when I saw that #PrayForCanada and #PrayForVancouver were trending worldwide. I was honestly scared, thinking there was some horrible disaster that happened near me, but it just turned out to be Twitter blowing things out of proportion, and not knowing their Canadian geography (the earthquake was more than 800 km away from the city, or the distance between Vancouver and Northern California).
I heard about it the next day. Good to hear nobody was hurt.