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    Originally Posted by MrTripStack View Post
    Judging by the past games, a new Pokémon generation is released every four years and a remake is normally released every ten years. Ruby and Sapphire was originally released in 2003, and in 2013 would be ten-year mark. Of course, all of this is speculation but I feel like it makes the most sense, judging by the release dates of the past Pokémon games.

    Going by that same formula, the next generation won't be released until 2015 and that seems like quite a ways away, but there's no way to know now. I honestly feel like they'll remake Ruby and Sapphire for the DS, using the same graphics as Black 2 and White 2, before moving onto the 3DS with a new generation.
    Actually, Black and White were released in 2010, so if its every 4 years, then Gen 6 would be 2014. As for the 10 Year thing, Pokemon Red/Green were released in 1996 and Fire Red/Leaf Green were released in 2004. That's 8 years.

    Between Gen 1 and Gen 2 was a 3 year gap.
    Between Gen 2 and Gen 3 was a 3 year gap.
    Between Gen 3 and Gen 4 was a 4 year gap.
    Between Gen 4 and Gen 5 was a 4 year gap.

    In a recent Interview Takao Unno and Junichi Masuda said that the past "patterns" were just a coincidence. They didn't mean for them to fall the way they did. None of the release patterns were planned.

    So even Gamefreak debunked the patterns. Meaning we can get Gen 6 in 2013 if they wanted or in 2018. Its whenever they manage to finish working on the games. We've already missed the 10 year Anniversary chance for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, at least for an accurate release. November 21st will be the 10 year anniversary and November's CoroCoro was already released (since magazines release a month early this month's October is November's Coro Coro issue and the one that releases in November will be December's.)

    I'd like for the next game to come out in 2014 only cause a year between is really short. There just hasn't been anything on what we're getting next, aside from the already known Mystery Dungeon which is going to suck up the rest of this year's sales and release possibly mid spring/early summer internationally. Wouldn't put it against Nintendo to schedule another Spin off before they close Gen 5 though.
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