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Originally Posted by Demon. View Post
Near mint Misprint(Upside down pokeball on the back) Delta Species(Fire) Mew card?
Around as much as the normal version, as it seems to be just as common as the normal version. So $5 to $10.

Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
Lugia ex - 105/115 - Ultra-Rare (Ex Unseen Forces) Near Mint English

Mewtwo-EX - 98/99 - Full Art Ultra Rare (Black & White 4: Next Destinies) Near Mint English 

Darkrai-EX - 107/108 - Full Art Ultra Rare (Black & White 5: Dark Explorers)Near mint English 

Darkrai-EX - 63/108 - Ultra Rare (Black & White 5: Dark Explorers)
Near mint English 

I have these and I'm just wondering how much they worth.
Lugia ex $35 to $40

Mewtwo EX FA $35 to $40

Darkrai EX FA $33 to $38

Darkrai EX $20 to $25.
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