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Team Rocket is suppose to play the funny part, not the badass part. I feel sad to know they have changed them all of the sudden in Unova, and hence, eliminating the only reason of their existence. If Jessie, James, and Meowth are not to be silly, stupid, and funny as they usually do then why are they still here?

I do realize they have a significance in Team Rocket's plot but...Why the trio we know? Couldn't they let other members operate while Jessie, James, and Meowth continue their never ending failure to catch Pikachu? :D

Sure, Team Rocket is getting more successful, but I no longer pay much attention to them. In previous series, all I was waiting for in each episode was Team Rocket's idiotic debut and followed by their failure xD
It's just interesting to see how they will fail this time

I say this again...Team Rocket SHOULDN'T be successful or plain evil, but rather clowns to smile and laugh on.
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