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Me: Shaymin's in Opelucid, hm? Fine. Alakazam! Teleport, please!
Alakazam: Yes, sir!


Me: Alright.
Zayphora: Shaymin's with me, and you won't get near it!
Me: As if! Reshiram! Come at me!


Me: R-Reshiram...It was simply a message to say...come t-to me. N-not squish me...W-what...ever...j-just...g-get Sh-shay...Urgh...
Reshiram: Shaymin? Alright then. You! Unhand Shaymin!
Zayphora: Gah! Reshiram...Fine! Here you go.
Me: S-Shaymin...
Reshiram: Oh, boy. You're badly hurt. Sorry. In return, let me get you to a hospital.

And so, Reshiram transported me to a hospital in Japan. And Shaymin is currently with me there.
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