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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post

Right before the criminals shat themselves.
Awesome Batman suit you have Livey <3 It makes you look cool.

Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Yeah Drakow :3 your cosplay looked awesome!

I went as lightning again this year.. no pics of that actually haha! And Jaden Yuki! Which I just took pics of in the hotel room! I wasn't camera-snappy this time around!


Sorry Mr.Catdog! I know you are in the BG but this was like the only picture there that wasn't blurry! But you do pull off a very convincing Jon cosplay ;3

This is a bit blurry.. and I don't like how I look.. but you can see what I am cosplaying as :3

And I made the jacket from scratch and dyed/ styled the wig myself..

and just for the heck of it:

My armour dismantled.
And Kura, awesome Jaden Yuki costume you have. And is that Mr Cat Dog in the background of one of the pics? Well, that's nice he's in there.
Going away for a while.