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    That thing you just said...was simply warped down to the Distortion World accidentally when Dialga wanted to visit Giratina. I took advantage! I asked Giratina to open the portal and I asked Alakazam to Teleport me to the portal, which gets me inside the Distortion World. Then, I'd sneak into that thing you said and snatched the Shaymin. For your Hypnosis...once the thing you stated got inside the Distortion World, the Hypnosis effect gets negated. Afterward, I went out and suddenly found myself in Ever Grande City...I was found by Steven who was going out for a long time...he made me the temporary Champion of Hoenn due to that...and right now, I would be awaiting challengers in Ever Grande City and Shaymin will be the ultimate challenge for the foes, knowing that it IS legendary! xD
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