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    Chris leans against the rail near the edge of the ship, lost in his thoughts about this opportunity that was thrust upon him. Having one pokemon was ok, but very inadequate for training. If he was going to be stronger, he needed a bigger team. But what kind of pokemon was he going to encounter? The trip could NOT be fast enough for him.

    A thought suddenly struck him: he hasn't seen his partner at all since he got it. He pulled out the pokeball set aside in his backpack, knowing it was full. Clicking the button, a bright white light shot out onto the deck near him, taking a small shape. The bright light dimmed to reveal...Bulbasaur, the grass-type. Chris looked confused. "How can a grass-tpe," he thought, "know the move Incinerate? Did the professor tell me wrong?" As he considered the pokemon in front of him, he realized that this particular Bulbasaur seemed to be stronger than ones he had seen in the past. "Maybe when the world went to crap, you got stronger than usual," he said to his partner. Bulbasaur seemed to understand what he said, because it nodded its agreement after Chris spoke.

    Chris nodded. "Well, since you and I are partners now, I think its fitting to give you a name...Are you a boy?" he asked Bulbasaur, who shook its head no. Chris nodded, pondering as he spoke, "Ok, you're female...powerful grass-type...". Suddenly, Chris looked down to the pokemon. "How about Ivy?" Bulbasaur seemed to dance around a little at the sound of Ivy, apparently loving it. "Ok, then," he declared,"you're name shall be Ivy." Ivy ran up to him happily, rubbing the side of her head against his left leg.

    Soon, he saw a city (or what was left of it) come into view. "This must be Castelia City..." Chris said, surveying the ruins coming up to them. He shook his head, muttering,"Apparently, it used to be a lively its a graveyard. I can't believe I have to start here." Ivy agreed, waiting patiently next to him. The ship pulled up to a dock that seemed a little damaged, but was more put together than the others. There was a sign with faded letters nearby, but Chris finally understood what it said: Unity Pier.

    When the boat finally stopped, Chris and Ivy walked off the boat, Chris slinging his backpack back onto his shoulder. They started walking towards the city, hearing the Libra II pull out and drift away. Turning back to the ruined city, he decided to sit and wait for Professor Oak to come in. They find a small crate that seemed to support him, so Chris sat down on the crate as Ivy sat down next to him.

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