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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Ahh, congrats dude! That was seriously tense reading that, the spoilers almost made me have a heart attack! Good job on catching it, Zubat is a really cool shiny to have :D Good thing he attacked the Rattata first though xD

As for me, I've been doing some shiny hunting too recently! On Black I've been spending a lot of time trecking around Pinwheel Forest whilst watching anime in hopes that I'll run across a shiny Sewaddle soon. No luck yet, but I'm only at around 1,200 encounters so a fair few to go yet I reckon. Hopefully I'll get as lucky as Golurk soon and manage to find one out of the blue xD
I find it ironic that I found a shiny Sewaddle completely by accident while you're actually hunting one. Good luck with that btw.
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