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    Originally Posted by Psystar63 View Post
    And a warm welcome to the club Umbr30n. I shall add you to the members list in a sec!
    Thank you!

    Which of the starter bird lines is your favourite, and why?

    Starly line because it's just all around WIN, and when it learns Close Combat, OMG BIRD DOES KUNG FU! Crane must be aware of this (Kung Fu Panda reference)... So anyway, Close Combat is a great move, but just really puts you in a BIGGER disadvantage (Because it lowers the User's Defenses) when it doesn't faint Rock or Steel-Types because of their great Defenses. Also, Staraptor may be a little risky, but it also learns Brave Bird, Final Gambit, Giga Impact AND Steel Wing. In my opinion it also fits in Falkner's kind of style better than the Pidgey Line (Pun not intended). Plus it evolves into it's final evolution a bit early compared to the others, which makes it a win-win choice (Unless you're not in Stupid Sinnoh, but if you're not in Stupid Sinnoh you won't have a bird like Crane Kung Fu Bird). YOU ONLY GET IT EARLY IN STUPID SINNOH.

    Just catching up with Topics. As for the newest one, I don't have any big experiences that actually determine worst or best about Flying-Types, that's why I'm not really answering the Topic.