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KRISSU - floor 4

It was a small town, and it didn’t take long for the two young women to make their way through it to the outskirts and just past the safe zone. The afternoon sun was in the sky, which in reality was the bottom of Floor 5 of course, with a programmed texture looking like a hot blue sky. That was when Elise stopped and turned to face Krissu again.

“Ok, now that we’re outside the town.” She turned her gaze south and pointed. “That is the way to go for the ore we need later. A few underground tunnels infested with Golems and Goblin Miners. I don’t recall seeing too many plants in that direction however.” She turned back around and placed her hands firmly on her hips. “Over there,” she said nodding her head to the east. “I haven’t been over there too much, I would say that might be our best chance. What do you say?”

Krissu nodded. "The only times I've been here, I've gone together with other random people and we went to the east, actually. Never far though. But I'd agree! There aren't many enemies spawning on the surface of this floor, are there? Most are in the caverns, from what I've gathered."

They started trekking east and only spoke lightly. Krissu observed the slightly older girl. Perhaps Elise was a little more versed in battling than she was, but she was nice and polite enough to gain Krissu's respect quickly, and not annoyingly boasting or blatantly skilled enough to awaken her sense of rivalry. To put it shortly, she thought they got along well and felt a bit relieved that she for once managed to allow herself to relax and not perform. In the real world, she had never relaxed and for the first few weeks in Aincrad, the pressure of performing good had been larger than ever. But it seemed like she was slowly coming to terms with herself. The friendly rivalry she had with Architam was also calming in some strange way. Maybe because she knew that he didn't really wish her any bad luck.

They reached some cliffs in the arid landscape. A very obvious entrance to a cave was there, only a couple of meters wide but at least five meters tall. Krissu thought she could see a faint glow inside. Hopefully some luminescent crystal or chemical and not the glowing eyes of some demon.

"Here we are..." she said and reached for the broadsword on her back, unsheathing it just to be ready. "Seems like an as good place as any to start. I'm not sure where the Dustskin should grow, but it should be someplace relatively deep, since the air might not be as hot down there and there might be some underwater source of water. However that can work in this floored world. What monsters could we expect to find here? Goblins and golems? I never focused on fighting on this floor."


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