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    Originally Posted by ilovecrumpet View Post
    Hey Maruno, first off, huge respect to you - this is the best thing since toasted crumpets (and I love crumpets, that's for sure). I do have two things to query though, if that's okay :D

    Firstly: Rock Smash. I've tested this on your map after the Kung Fu mini game. The rocks outside the "Cave" seem to be smashable, even if Rock Smash is not learnt by a Pokemon, as well as not owning the TM. I have everything default, was just playing around and testing it and it said "Would you like to smash it?" *Click Yes* Then it smashes. Is there a conditional branch missing or is there a problem with the coding itself recognising whether you have the TM or not. Minor though, I know you can manually work around it but thought I'd point it out

    Also, I seem to be noticing in some maps that there are invisible walls! Mad right? Specific example would be that I duplicated the Poke mart map that you made for another city (Yeah I'm lazy!), and I couldn't even get up to the shop assistant as there were invisible walls blocking the way. It made the sound when you walk into a solid object but when I checked tilesets etc... All seemed good as gold. A known glitch? Ever occurred for yourself?

    Info on these would be fantastic. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
    As a Brit, I have to say that crumpets are superb. I'm not fond of tea, though, strangely.

    Rock Smash - That's a debug feature, designed to make testing a bit easier. You can use any field move without having a Pokémon which knows it nor the correct number of badges. That won't happen for the player.

    Invisible walls in the Mart - That's a mapping error caused by the map using tiles which don't exist. For each layer of the map, try filling in all the tiles that are supposed to be blank with one of the red cross tiles, and then filling them back in with the actual blank tile (top left in the tileset). I think it only applies to layer 2.
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