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BV: Whoa whoa whoa. Meet up?
BV: And others?
BV: Are you and "the others'" like, npcs or something?
BV: Or different players who've done this before?
BV: Is that why you know so much?

VC: Um
VC: I'd like to tell you but
VC: I don't want to steer your playthrough!!
VC: You are meant to go about it in your own way!!
VC: But ok yes, we have played SBURB
VC: And things didn't go quite as planned
VC: If we meet, I will tell you more
VC: Where we are now, it is really strange
VC: I'm not sure we are supposed to be here, even
VC: And we keep falling asleep
VC: Even though it's frustrating to lose contact with you, it's actually quite nice, being asleep. Can't explain why.

The Alchemiter reads the TOTEM made from both cards and on the platform materializes... The GLOCKBLADE. A fairly simple thing, looking like a sword with a gun for a handle. It also seems possible to fire like an actual gun, without destroying the blade in the process, thankfully. At the moment, the only ammo you have is what was already in the gun. Use dem bullets well.