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“Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?!”

“Area secure. Now confide answers!”

“Everybody just SHUT UP!!

The Wolfos, ignoring all of the questions for the moment, instead approached the furious one. Was he angry? Or was it irritation due to pain? She calmed herself, and pressed her head against the boy's forehead. "It's dangerous to fight him alone... Take this." Some of the booming power faded and Endo would soon find power regained, power endowed to him by the Goddesses themselves. She seemedto have acknowledged the other entity that resided with him. She then padded over to the other three. "This Tavern is a safe haven out of Vaati's sight, and those who do not know the path through this forest are sure to meet their demise." The Wolfos closed her eyes. "A proper introduction is in order... I am Princess Zelda... That Kingdom that imprisoned you all was once a much more peaceful, happy town. However..." She seemed to trail off for a moment, as if to reminisce on a calm memory.

"Once Vaati had taken over, I was since forgotten, and to keep myself safe, I've been living under an Alias, so henceforth you must refer to me as Rei. Vaati has unlocked dimensional travel, and with it, is collecting triforce power from the residents of many dimensions. You all were brought here for the same reason... Now, regain the power that was granted to you by the Goddesses." She then began to howl a new tune, one that brings ease and calm to the group.


As the song finished, the Triforce power that belonged to the heroes was soon returned to them, and The Wolfos returned to her regular appearance. Instead of one icy blue eye and one pitch black eye, Rei opened her eyes to reveal a pair of soft, purple eyes. Those eyes shone brighter than the shiniest gems. "I'm sure you all noticed... The royalty of your dimension was also captured. So... If you want to save him or her, and return to the world you once resided in, we will have to work together." Rei seated herself on the Tavern's counter, eyeing the others. There was no doubt that there was stress visible in her eyes. In fact, the sudden release of power caused her to half-collapse, lying down on the counter weakly. "I... I'll do everything in my power to aid you... I have someone to rescue as well..."

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